DJ Meghan

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DJ Meghan got into the EDM scene in the Spring of '98, started DJing in the Fall of '99 and played at her first gig in the Spring '00. She is well known for her psytrance sets, but also throws down techno (hard & minimal), tech house, ambient and downtempo sets.

Meghan is a resident on the Psylicious Radio Show and has mixes that regularly air on the goa/psy and psychill channels on She also does live DJ sets on The Beat Matrix Radio Show on 91.1 FM WRUW in Cleveland.

In late 2007, Meghan was approached by Psylicious Management and Collective whom had heard her DJ promotional mixes. Even more so when her unique mixing skill was noticed after the owner of Psylicious visited the USA and had witnessed her performance.

Meghan's diverse style, coupled with unique mixing ability, along with both indoor and outdoor event experience, ensures that she is certainly a DJ who is rising steadily to the forefront of the USA Psytrance scene.

MIXES (newest to oldest)
Resurrectio Draconus (Dark psytrance)
Psylicious Radio 4th Birthday Show (Melodic Full-on Psytrance)
Parvati Mix (Dark Psytrance)
Monkeyshines Live recording of Monkeyshines set
(Techno/Tech House)
Influence (Techno/Tech House)
Psylicious X-Mas Radio Show 2010 (Melodic Progressive/Full-on Psytrance)
Kaleidoprism (Ambient/Downtempo)
Returning Tide (Full-on Psytrance)
Live on the Beatmatrix 12-14-09 (Dark Psytrance)
High Jinks Live recording of High Jinks set
(Full-on/Dark Psytrance)