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Greetings dimensional explorers. You have located sonic nodal point 1.30903.030330.003... a class eight static-material rift in Earth-standard Temporal hyperspace.Turbulence: WARNING.... Neutron-drive experiments on the orbting space station.... Classified transmission...///{[ __________]
...27TR340..2.8...... Please enjoy your stay in Epsilon Sector. Beware of speeding nonlocal hyperspace traffic, quadrant VI: Charybdis gravity well anomalies, and Mechanoid-piracy in the asteroid belt... for engineering troubles, summon entity: Q.....Cryoverb-- Deep frozen planetoid soundscape excursions.... orEsc_ape with high energy beings surfing spectral waves of inner[inter]stellar shaman vibration.... Choose your Adventure!

Metastasis (Cloudspace ambience into atmospheric glitch
Recorded at Mantra music festival, Oct 2011)
Deterritorialization (Morning chillout and meditation
Recorded at Alechemy Festival, GA, Sept 2011)
Galaxy Alliance [unmastered demo] (High Energy Psytrance Experiment)